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Conditions of carriage

  1. By the purchase the ticket the passenger agree with the term of carriage on international coach services operated by BOHEMIAN LINES, s. r. o., which are listed below.
  2. The ticket is issued in the name of holder and may not be transfered. The ticket coupons without a cover and those lacking a date stamp are not valid. The staff on duty is authorized to check identity of a passengers. The validity of tickets begin by the date of the departure and last next 12 months. The validity of oneway open ticket begin by the date of purchase. The validity of open ticket cannot be prolonged.
  3. The price and reductions are mentioned in valid timetable.A passenger who requests a reduction shall prove his entitlement  for the reduction, both when buying the ticket and during his carriage. In territory outside the Czech Republic the passengers pay fare in local currency.
  4. The passengers under the age of 15 can be carried by our services only accompanied by an adult person. Passenger aged 15 -18 travelling alone can be carried on our services only with written consent from his/her parent or guardian, that must be given into the hand of staff on duty.
  5. By the purchase the ticket the passenger has reserved a seat in a coach on the date written on the ticket.The open ticket has not reserved a journey and holder of such a ticket must reserve a place in advance. The reservation must be written in a ticket.
  6. The change of the date of departure in a period of 12 hours or more prior to the departure is for free (not valid for SMARTFARE). Less than 12 hours notice before departure are treated as cancellation. It is possible to change the reservation max. three times. 
  7. For cancellation a ticket in a period of 12 hours or less before departure is collected a handling fee. In case that the passanger cancel his journey, he has pretension to refund a fare, which is reduced by the cancellation fee. The handling fees are following:
    • 20 % of the cost of the fare, when a request is submitted more than 12 hours before departure of the service,
    • 50 % of the cost of the fare, when a request is submitted less than 12 and more than 2 hours before departure of the service,
    • No refund will be made, when a request is submitted after the departure time of the service.

    If only a journey in one direction is cancelled, the amount of compensation is equal to the difference between the cost of the return ticket and the cost of a ticket in one direction, which is reduced by the cancellation fee.The request for cancellation or change must be delivered by email, fax or personally in the office, where the ticket was bought, at the latest 30 days from cancellation.

    The terms in point 7 are not relevant to tickets sold by SMARTFARE or other special offer. The terms for these tickets are always published together with the special offer.

  8. Stolen, lost or mislaid tickets shall not be replaced nor reimbursed.
  9. The passengers must respect the instructions of carrier about the luggage. Maximum dimension is 80x60x30 cm. Maximum weight is 20 kg. Excess or larger or heavier luggage, bicycles, prams (with exception of “buggies”), skies are carried after previous reservation (e-mail: for a fee only. If we confirm the reservation of transportation of bicycles or skies it has to be stowed in a packet.

    Unaccompanied luggage, postal, animals, weapons and things, which could be a nuisance to other passengers are excluded from the carriage.

    Staff on duty is authorized to check in neither luggage, that is either to its size or its nature excluded from transportation, no excess luggage. In a case of fully laden luggage compartment the staff have right to refuse from carriage excess and larger luggage which have not been reserved in advance.

  10. The carrier is liable for loss of luggage and damage caused to stowed luggage up to the amount of CZK 5,000 per item of luggage, and not more than CZK 10,000 per passenger. If the price of the luggage exceeds CZK 5,000, it is carried on own risk and it is recommended to take out additional insurance on the luggage .The carrier is not liable for hand luggage not carried in the coach's luggage compartment. Claims relating to the loss, theft or damaging of luggage must made by the passenger to a member of the carrier's staff immediately after the luggage is handed over at the destination stop. The staff member is obliged to confirm the extent of the damage or loss to the passenger in writing.

    The passenger has 10 days to calculate the loss and asks in written for recover a loss to the carrier, who provided the carriage. Compensation in the case of loss of luggage and damage caused to stowed luggage cannot exceed the amount of CZK 5,000 per item of luggage, and not more than CZK 10,000 per passenger. If in the case of loss of luggage and damage caused to stowed luggage is not proceed by the conditions of this terms, the passenger has lost his compesation of loss. The lost and forgotten luggage are stored max. one month and the passenger must pick it up by the carrier, who provided the carriage.

  11. It is the passenger own responsibility to insure compliance with customs and passport requirements. Passenger that miss all or part of a tour due to non-compliance with customs and passport requirement will be excluded from tour with no right of return fare.
  12. Passengers are responsible for observing the time of departure, which is announced beforehand. If the length of a break as determined by the driver is not respected, the carrier reserves the right to depart, regardless of the absence of a passenger and the consequences that ensue for him from this.
  13. The carrier reserves the right to prohibit passengers who do not respect provisions in part number 8, 10 and 11, or those who do not respect instructions of the staff on duty, from boarding a coach, or to exclude them from carriage without any entitlement to a refund of the fare. The carrier also reserves the right to prohibit passenger who shows signs of drunkenness will not be accepted for carriage, and he is not entitled to a refund of the fare.
  14. The carrier who issues a ticket for a service run by another company acts only as the agent of the latter. The contract of carriage, including the carrier's third-party liability, are subject to the law of the country of the carrier who effectively carried out the transport operation.
  15. The carrier is responsible for damage which occurs in the period between the passengers boarding the bus and leaving it, not excluding these two activities.

    This does not relate to damage which is caused by the passenger, special nature of his luggage or its content.

    Every claim must be filed in writing no later than 10 days after the end of the journey.

  16. The carrier is not liable for any damages incurred by delay, cancelation the line or not realization of following services.

    The carrier is not liable for damages incurred by force majeure.

    In the other cases is proceed by the legal regulation.

  17. Smoking in the bus is not allowed.
  18. The carriage contract completed with responsibilities of carrier is under the law of the state, where the carrier is registered.
  19. This terms of carriage are valid from 1.4.2007.



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