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Our tariffs


  • OPEN return or refund not available.
  • Limited number of seats.
  • Modification of reservation is possible for a fee only: single ticket for 600 CZK/ 25 EUR/ 200 DKK / 250 SEK, return ticket 1000 CZK/ 40 EUR/ 300 DKK/ 400 SEK.
  • After departure time no refund will be made. Passenger has to purchase a new ticket.
  • All Holidays and School Breaks are excluded from this offer.
  • In case that one journey of a round-trip ticket is cancelled by the passenger the cancellation fee is calculated from round-trip fare.


  • Flexible fare.
  • Discounts for children up to 15 years, youth under 26 years, ISIC, ITIC or Euro26 card holders, seniors 60+ years, pensioners or Frequent Traveller discount available.
  • OPEN return available. OPEN return valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
  • Valid for tickets paid in cash on the bus.
  • Change of reservation up to 12 hours before departure free of charge.
  • Change of reservation less than 12 hours before departure is treated as a cancellation.
  • For cancellation up to 12 hours before departure 20 % of the fare shall be charged.
  • For cancellation less than 12 hours before departure 50 % shall be charged.
  • After departure time no refund will be made.
  • Should be cancelled one-way journey of a round-trip ticket the refund is calculated as unused fare (round-trip fare minus one-way fare) deducted off cancellation fee.


  • Valid for journey from or to the Czech Republic by BOHEMIAN LINES.
  • At the time of payment present a copy of your old ticket issued in your name to our staff, please.
  • Your ticket has to be reserved in advance. Payment is possible eighter in cash to our coach crew or by bank transfer. Payment by card is not accepted.
  • Frequent Traveller Discount is provided on services operated by BOHEMIAN LINES.
  • Discount is provided off our prices FLEXFARE (not avaible off SMARTFARE, ISIC, ITIC, EURO 26, or other special offers).

Sale of tickets for summer 2018


Sale of tickets for departures in summer 2018 is opened.

All departures from Brno are direct without change of bus in Prague.

The cheapest tickets to Copenhagen and to Sweden


Are you looking for the cheapest tickets to Copenhagen or to Sweden?

Try our offer SMARTFARE. We offer you single tickets to /from Prague:

to Copenhagen from 999 Kč

to Malmö from 999 Kč

to Helsingborg from 999 Kč

to Gotheborg from 1534 Kč

Complimentary WIFI


We offer our passengers free wi-fi  on all our services.

Our stop in Copenahagen - Kastrup


Our stop in Copenhagen is at the Kastrup Airport, on street Ellehammersvej about 170 m from Terminal 3, stop SWEBUS.

Reserve you ticket online and pay by cash on the bus!